China is the main source that plastic machinery imports Russia

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China has been one of main source that plastic machinery imports Russia, the advantage such as the ground reason that plastic and rigid business of home should use us enlarges Chinese model machine to have an amount in the market of Russia.

Wait for an industry as a result of food industry, housing materials and car the demand leap to plastic products, increase the need of updating equipment replacement, size of plastic and rigid market is in Russia to will increase continuously in the near future.

As we have learned, the small-sized and plastic machinery with inferior value has in Russia market welcome, the outlet that this gives China this kinds of device offerred good opportunity. Machine kind respect, inject forming machine, hollow forming machine, vacuum forming machine, plastic extruder and plastic reclaim machine the demand that wait is bigger.

Current, dimensions of plastic and rigid market already achieved Russia 300 million dollar of 200 million ~ . Its basically import origin is the country such as Germany, Italy and Wukelan, china ranks 5.