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Sincere letter runs contented company pressing demand

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From 1994 Mexican crisis goes to the United States that is located in 500 strong front row of world peacefully of the company go bankrupt incident, all without exception shows market economy and cannot from go up replace sincere letter in order to mature at all.

Our country government is advocating credit system to build energetically at present, compose builds harmonious society. Of system of food safety credit build, it is the substantial that system of credit of our country society builds, it is the base that social credit system builds more. Food safety is concerning people life safety and healthy, matter to economic progress and social stability, accelerate construction of system of food safety credit, it is national development and the important sign that social civilization progresses, also be the need that system of credit of our country society builds.

Beijing century 3 farming center of development of science and technology is in related the country below sectional support, independent research and development food safety traces to the source information is public show system and terminal to trace to the source inquiry equipment -- food safety traces to the source machine of inquiry an organic whole. System of safe to boosting our country provision credit builds this action, conduct a business the respect such as sincere letter self-discipline will produce positive effect, 18 Chan Pinjian that systematic place generates fasten source of go against the river to be able to help an enterprise prevent bogus angle to solve periphery from the product more the worry of sincere letter problem.

Food safety traces to the source the placement that inquires machine of an organic whole is extensive exceeds in business, the terminal such as the airport, hotel consumes a place, the sincere letter that is enterprise and consumer is communicated build a new bridge. Sincere letter figure shows the information inquiry of machine of an organic whole and company platform, the know the inside story that can guarantee customer adequately not only counterpoises, can establish an enterprise to take the food safety, public brand image that has intense society sense of responsibility seriously more, satisfied the pressing requirement that sincere letter runs contemporary company well.