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Shallow Tan Cheng believes the relationship that develops with the enterprise

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Sincere letter is the theme of human eternity, the traditional goodness that is the Chinese nation and judge of morality of a thing fiducial. As market economy and socialism progressively and perfect, what national politics system reforms is ceaseless deepen and of foreign game regulation strong promote, sincere letter already became an enterprise to be mixed in production and the standard of ethics of a society that must observe seriously in management process management criterion. The somebody commercial competition analogy nowadays is maritime surf, brave can climb wave crest, craven can drop into billow cereal. However, from business person should have Yong Youmou not only, have the concept that sincere letter manages even. Also only sincere letter is managed, regard customer as god truly, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer everywhere, ability wins the credit of consumer, ability promotes battalion of already of look forward to and development, ability makes market order enters the state of a benign loop.
One. The hair of economy of our country credence develops form
The credit economy of our country can be divided roughly for 3 phase. The first phase is the governmental credence phase before 1978, those who execute is traditional planned economy system, the economic connection between the enterprise is to rely on the governmental credit that national mandatory planning reflects to try to maintain. The feature of the social credence environment of this phase is politics look forward to is not divided, the enterprise is governmental adjunct, did not manage own advantageous position, do not have commodity trade, have the allocate and transfer of the product only. The 2nd phase is to the bank to the governmental credence 1988 credit was mixed 1978 the change phase of business standing. Politics look forward to is apart, state-owned company makes the market principal part of assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses stage by stage, governmental credence begins to be replaced by bank credit and business standing place stage by stage. The addition of credit demand, make the enterprise begins to change direction raise credit concept and honesty to be in business. The bank also sets out from control credit risk, began financial condition grade to evaluate the work to loan company. The 3rd phase is the phase of credit system construction below the market economic system that began 1999. Exit from the enterprise in the round as governmental credence, state-owned large and medium-sized the bank credit risk between the enterprise of debt load translate into of the enterprise and financial orgnaization, medium and small businesses manages capital to rely on bank credit and business standing completely almost. This one form drove the formation of company credit concept.
2. Our country sincere letter lacks the account that lose
(One) market economy progress is immature still
Market economy regards the drive of people behavior as the mechanism with loaves and fishes, it is hasten benefit economy, cause easily manage false. Benefit greatly dry, profit is small work, without Libugan, it is the substaintial expression of sex of interest of market economy hasten. Accordingly, market economy has his the one side of positive effect, also have the one side of negative effect. Market economy did not grow adequately, legal system is still diseased, system arrangement is unreasonable, market economy is in the unbalance condition that interest of a kind of inside and outside concerns very easily. The unbalance condition that this kind of interest concerns, with respect to enterprise interior, the interest structure between operator and enterprise and operator, enterprise and worker, worker is lopsided, profit impact is not suitable, lack fair sex, at this moment of deceive one's superiors and delude one's subordinates not sincere letter phenomenon happens necessarily. With respect to the enterprise exterior for, enterprise and country, enterprise and enterprise, the interest structure between enterprise and consumer is unreasonable, lack just sex, entrap at this moment the sincere letter phenomenon of national interest, other company profit and consumer interest happens necessarily.
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