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Modern other people sheds the problem business that is ignored in course of stud

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Business side is carried in railroad, time amounts to mark rate to be 95 % , the rate that be short of caustic is 1 % , only card accuracy rate 100 % ; In side of highway transportation business, time amounts to mark rate to be 98 % , the rate that be short of caustic is 0, only card accuracy rate 100 % . Only card accuracy rate 100 % ..

The service is the tenet that modern other people sheds enterprise eternity, the competition of content shedding market is many sided of course, but constant ground provides excellent service to client and society, can say one of " of " a magic weapon that are get victory. How to accomplish excellent service? Should from " face of all directions of rapid, accurate, safe, convenient " begins. "Rapid " assures to be inside the time to client acceptance namely, punctual service. To certain client, article whether punctual send, matter to an enterprise likely live, so, by accident when, not only oneself breaks his promise, more bring serious effect to the client;

"Accurate " is to be inside formulary time, the reception that article sends a client to appoint the ground is mixed admit a person (unit) , cannot confuse one thing with another; "Safe " is to point to must accomplish " original " to send intactly. Often " damaged or missing " , draw lawsuit already, also lose sincere letter, more frighten run client; "Convenient " is to point to firm establish the thought that gives priority to with the client, change the guest such as onefold " to come the service mode of " , offer " door to wait for the service of convenient client to desk " to desk of door " , " . Afore-mentioned four respects are short of one cannot.

The United States that mentions in case combines wrap up to serve a company in front in its goods of the acceptance on native land website can be in what the United States arrives at in the day anyplace. This company serves quality all along taller, public praise is pretty good. But this incident of missing hard disk makes its fame suffers an effect greatly, next lawsuit pesters a body inevitable. This shows, sincere letter is the important matter that modern other people sorts company issue to close life and death to live or die, hour cannot be loosened.

Our country modern other people sheds course of study to be in start level, more should derive lesson, the modern other people oneself sheds service level to rise ceaselessly. Only such, our country content sheds the competition ability ability of course of study to rise stage by stage, answer increasingly intense home and international market competition.