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Shenyang: honest makes " of bottom? cake smooth with a rake who will cut

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In recent years, as market of our country costume flourish increasingly, can offer the design too numerous to mention one by one that everybody chooses, order the line of vision that becomes the dress to appear to had faded out of Shenyang common people gradually. However the fact is not such, dress is ordered make had turned to a special domain sadly in, consider giving a bigger market, this is Shenyang in the ascendant professional clothing market. The personage inside course of study predicts, industry of Chinese professional clothing has the market of 30 billion at least, shenyang also should have the market dimensions of 1 billion above as the central city of radiation northeast. However because progress is slow, market of Shenyang professional clothing is put in a lot of problems to expect to solve; On the other hand, brand of nonlocal businessman, famous dress also has extended antenna to market of Shenyang professional clothing in succession. To this, the reporter undertook interviewing.

[Dialog] zealous price blood spells professional clothing of Shenyang city this locality

The reporter visits understanding to arrive, in recent years, as a result of the grow in quantity of enterprise coming to Shenyang, professional clothing demand increases gradually, market of Shenyang professional clothing got great progress in 3 years nearly two. Form gradually a few in provincial have quite famous spent brand, but Shenyang profession is at present bound making still is a market that has not mature.

"In light of now, the price still is the critical factor that purchase. Because this is current market of Shenyang professional clothing is tall, medium, cheap distinction is not apparent. " in area of Shenyang city peace the boss of a professional clothing inn near 13 abb road introduces to the reporter, the market demand that shows outfit of on-the-job course of study still just does not have pair of professional clothing to form brand consciousness at present, many consumers pay close attention to knead dough of the craft of professional clothing, design to expect rarely.

Additional, the personage inside course of study still discloses, the price competition of professional clothing still affected the price system of whole professional clothing. As a result of a few enterprise or business when the unit is choosing professional clothing, often choose each storefront to compare pair of prices, ask with class enterprise the newspaper gives lowermost discount price a few to consult in order to offer.

Compete for fairness, the lowest of agreement of professional clothing shop of 13 abb road quotes cannot under certain discount, do not rely on the price and rely on character to attract a client.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge however, the operator that has very much small storefront comes to pull business, undertook becoming loose on the price. Caused the collapse that whole price agrees thereby, the market lies all the time the malign competition of price war is vortical in.
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