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Lukewarm city dress sticks a card to machine phenomenal fluoroscopy

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Regard Chinese dress as industrial vane, no matter Wen Zhou is to achieve brand or image of brand of tree of Pure Brightness star oneself, no matter be to take the lead in rolling out a brand fictitious management mode, large-scale still transition gets the treatment that stick a card, always can produce huge echo in industry. In " famous brand starts city " advocate below, start the manner that later lukewarm city men's clothing starts a brand oneself with high starting point, high quality fixed position, in China a series of brilliant canto wrote down on dress history: It is with area group power since tree of hand of the first line of a couplet on a scroll of exposition of dress of Beijing international dress image of lukewarm state brand; Form a delegation to win out on behalf of Chinese brand dress first exposition of men's clothing of division grand international, march international market; Reach national level with 35 the abundant actual strength of a few yuan of the well-known trademark of top quality grade, sale, rise abruptly in the market... when home a lot of clothing companies in succession follow the lead of " Wen Zhou mode " when, discovery of a person with a discerning eye, company of more than 1000 men's clothing got lost Wen Zhou to do the production that sticks a card to manage for dress of domestic and international brand in succession however in, the business that does a brand purely does not cross many 20. Call in people " brand of Chinese garment industry is changed " when, lukewarm city dress changes a brand to manage however produce to stick a card, do for other marry the garment, is astute Wen Zhou factitious what " take the road back to one's former position " ? Face this one popular topic of dress bound, the reporter feels in interview, by achieve a brand to arrive do stick a card, the enlightenment that lukewarm city person develops to Chinese garment industry is deep.

Industrial development needs resource advantage conformity

Undeniable, person of lukewarm city dress applies international battalion of advanced manage recite scriptures, although precede in domestic person of the same trade, the international brand difference of Dan Wenchuan brand and world-class is very far still. Trademark of lukewarm city dress is well-known on home market although precede home travels together,spend, but the distance that travels together to comparative than still having however with the international of market of the China that take a person. The resource dominant position that how uses oneself will participate in market competition, enterprise of one part Wen Chuan chose transition. Lukewarm city men's clothing is in when achieving commanding elevation of market of brand race to control oneself, chose to introduce international mostly top-ranking equipment and technology, found high quality, mass brand to machine the practice of base, almost domestic home company registered a belt to nod " internationalization " brand, although brand name is different, but of brand of lukewarm on men's clothing market state coessential change an appearance very serious however. What compete as the market is intense with each passing day, partial trademark is well-known the business with good prospect of degree of tall, market. Suffer from is congener the brand is too much, enlarge market share quickly to enlarge productivity hard, the enterprise takes a person hard optimal gain condition; And trademark of another part lack is well-known spent company, also because of product sale not free, create the waste of natural resources of equipment, technology. Face the situation with oneself person more and more intense competition, be used to a business to accomplish the Wen Zhou's person that each district of countrywide whole world goes to, showed its sharp point again: The bird of law school, Zhuang Ji, announce good news a few companies that have him brand, in the brand advocate below the circumstance with industry production insufficient go into operation, those who use a brand is famous degree stick a card to machine for foreign brand, will change enterprise oneself brand to produce not saturated condition. And mass brand is famous degree of not quite high company, considering the huge cost that makes a brand need to expend, contend for unexpectedly by passivity to be adjusted actively, depend on the equipment advantage with advanced company of lukewarm city clothing, abandon self-supporting brand, the brand dress of instead whole world makes the treatment that stick a card. By his card old is called inside course of study " Hua Shifu acts the role of a company, it is Wen Zhou does poineering work one of the earliest enterprises. Install impetus huge in Wen Zhounan " make a brand " below setting, hua Shigong department introduced the suit production line of level of the first hi-tech earlier, the quality that established international standard runs a system. But in brand competition times, hua Shigong department chose the earliest again " the treatment that stick a card " this road. China advocate deputy total Huang Bide thinks: The market is brutal, no matter be to do a brand to still make treatment, the health of the enterprise, long-term development just is the most important. We abide by regulation of a game only, that is " answer in order to change 10 thousand change " . 2003 countrywide garment industry 300 strong in, china person sale ranks the 60th, profit ranks the 48th. Hua Shigong department achieves go out " effect of brand of the treatment that stick a card " explained adequately: In market competition, the resource advantage of oneself play gets incisively and vividly, also be the optimal profit drop of company brand. Evasive brand big fight, like Hua Shigong department regards the Wen Zhou of optimal management target as clothing company gain so, a large number of get one's own back were won very quickly in domain of the treatment that stick a card. Statistical data makes clear, the suit that Wen Zhou makes, already occupied the 80 % of countrywide market sales volume, a lot of choices process the international brand of the product in China, its business suit, jacket, recreational outfit, on the west the breed such as pants, make in Wen Zhou completely almost.
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