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With what evidence your sincere letter

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When be apart from Beijing Olympic Games to still have 1417 days, be located in Tiananmen Square east side country museum before the door, the Olympic Games pours timing card to be started formally. More than 1000 days so one every day reciprocal come over, quiet silence, if smoke seems a dream had waved before our, everybody perhaps did not notice these are like the day of water glide.

All festival element blow on the face and come, of the golden He Jixiang of riches and honour bright red, an ancient name for China if face married bride,deck was gotten in August, the place that is like newly-married child. Chinese face is flushed with drink red moving colour, chinese body is powerful inviting apophysis, celestial dispersion of China is worn the azure blue of friendly, kind-hearted, sincere letter. . .

These 1417 day and night, perhaps we are in of fuel insipid in spent, perhaps we are in exceedingly sentimental in spent, perhaps we were spent in piteous angst, perhaps, you are connected even insipid connect even lingering piteous do not have, also spent so! But from July 13, 2001, samaranch holds a city in what Moscow announces the Olympic Games 8 years gravely is Beijing that rises momently, china, begin to cashing the majestic acceptance to the world!

Today, the Olympic Games has not kicked off, but opportunity of Olympic committee of athlete of each country media, each country, each country, international Olympic committee already saw a result: This will be an Olympic Games with most successful throughout history, hind, coming, of short duration not dare absurd character, before, be not to have the ancients absolutely! Chairman of British Olympic committee, admitted to media calm recently: The Olympic Games after 4 years, will learn greatly and draw lessons from the experience of Beijing Olympic Games.

The person does not stand without the letter, the day has day of Fang Ming. China is cashing in the process of majestic acceptance, in rise abruptly below sunny setting, modelled a lofty and grave silhouette to the world.

Although all things is numerous, its manage is consistent. Said popularly even if: Lie between do not lie between manage all right. As walk in business on the road we, whether also this consider: The figure that how portrays our company makes the figure of the product? Whether, we ourselves also should make the promise like below a few water constantly dripping wears holes in stone to oneself, whether the tall figure that should we also give a client to show a benign obverse side?

Benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. Be like what kind of Nuo, how to pack oneself product and company, how to shape oneself image, if why cashing,the monumental work of sincere letter is modelled in the process of the promise, this also is not 9 things that can say Qing Daoming.

Lucky horse movie and TV just hopes to pass an Olympic Games this thing, can remind friends consider: How evidence your sincere letter, shape a healthy image?
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