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How to spot cheat- - do poineering work prevent cheat 3 unique skill

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You need notice! Do poineering work prevent cheat 3 unique skill

These are prevented below cheating experience to be able to say is the summary after be decieved a few this years comes out, a lot of people looked most propbably to be able to have very big the same feeling, if you remember these experience in crucial juncture really, can let you avoid to be decieved absolutely:

One, the first principle of deal:

Experience: Money is in whose hand who is active, according to this principle, those say what signs the person of millions of order with you, did not pay deposit, want sales commission first, you were not duped, did not get money your whats do not believe before, I think a lot of a lot people are to did not hold to this principle, the sudden huge profits that is not made fall by cheater blindfolded eye, be unavoidable to fall into trap.

2, the bosom friend knows those, 100 war not Tai

Experience: A lot of moment receive strange telephone call, say what to want the goods of what big batch, still be extremely urgent, you should take care, these people want you to quote first, want you to send sample next, it is phonic message again devoid, make do: The first, should understand this company through all sorts of means understanding, the 2nd, according to the first principle, it is OK to send sample, not OK nevertheless imprest, adopt pay, trade these money are deducted in payment for goods after the success, such the fairest, can utmost prevents those to want sample only, do not have the blackleg that the heart trades.

3, hold to all contracts to sign undertake in this locality

Experience: A lot of moment, some trading companies said to find buy the home greatly, want you to quote, next not how Jew, also do not inspect manufacturer, be about you go to his company signing a contract, and from you thousands of kilometer, spent a large sum of travelling expenses to arrive over there, want you to give one contract earnest money next, do not give do not sign, letting you go also is not, going also is not.

Sum up above a few, a person with a discerning eye should see: All cheater trade with yours process, want you to give money first, or the money that you give is times more than cheater, that wants you to be able to insist do not give money first only, can avoid to be decieved, but do not exclude a loss at the same time a few true clients, but now at this moment world, first otherwise is cheated, just make money step by step.

The sky won't drop pasty, believe to be equal to safety!