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Hold to sincere letter to evaluate force of industry public letter to this raisi

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Jiangsu saves asset to evaluate association to held member congress the 2nd times in peace a few days ago. Make clear on the meeting, complete province asset evaluates intermediary to organize the new historical level that will develop in reform to extend business domain hard, for state-owned company, blame general economy expands a service, be on guard financial venture, raise a government to invest benefit; Still will strengthen an industry to superintend further at the same time, hold to sincere letter to be from beginning to end this, establish good professional morality, accomplish " independent, objective, just " hold course of study, raise asset to evaluate the force of social public letter of the industry in the round.

It is reported, since Jiangsu asset evaluates an industry to produce progress, in avoid state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year, safeguard property right to trade the legitimate rights and interests of each respect and drive an enterprise to reorganization change make waited for a respect to produce main effect, great progress was obtained among the course that asset evaluates an industry to reform and also build system of socialist market economy in economic system, become this to save the important intermediary service industry in market economy.

Concerned personage points out, what reform as the development that saves economy completely and economic system is thorough, asset evaluates the self-identity that gets the market shares each respect ceaselessly, its serve a field already from pure for state-owned economy main body the service expands for all sorts of system of ownership economy serves. Change to make and be bought in the enterprise appear on the market, joint-stock collaboration, equity makes over China and foreign countries, liabilities of contributive, assets recombines objective asset, mortgage loan, bad assets deals with in waiting for all sorts of economy activities, offer while value evaluates professional service, the promotion of the development as economic diversification and money market of capital negotiable securities and international accounting standard and materiality apply, governmental tax base evaluate, financial capital is evaluated, company value is evaluated wait for business to will be become evaluate the mobile field with new industry.

Meanwhile, the autonomic gender that Jiangsu saves asset to evaluate association to assess an industry as complete province asset is organized, as broad as complete province register asset to evaluate division one case, to uphold order of economy of complete province market, breed and develop capital market, the service saves economic construction completely, made positive contribution. Current, jiangsu complete province is mutual hold battalion concurrently to evaluate an orgnaization only 247, from personnel of course of study 4500 more than person, register asset to evaluate division 1619 people, have additionally blame hold industry insider 500 more than person.
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