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Sincere letter is built base, send firmly all right far

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Recently, in breathe out because of,city estate group produced an agent and development business economic dispute, bring about the malign incident that harms client interest. Active in breathe out because the company of broker of some old brand on city estate market is mixed the estate that cooperates with its develops business to produce serious difference on the problem of business brokerage close an account, negotiating not below the circumstance of fruit, use its representative building dish sell the capacity, receive those who take partial client to buy house fund directly, regard the impawn of settle accounts commission as the paragraph with this. And because development business did not get house money, deny stoutly already made work the building at consumer, let consumer and agent talk things over solve. such, ten innocent consumer, after capture made big house money, did not get him due house, became estate to develop the contend for victim of business and contradiction of real-estate agent interest however. This matter is coordinated in each later below, the agent had returned house money of the client, did not produce worse effect.

Emphasizing major now stage by stage fractionize, strong strong together inside real-estate industry, real-estate agent and development should be a kind of mutual depend on sb or sth for existence between business, inseparable deepness collaboration concerns. The agent passes his professional competence and manpower resource, the settlement with help development better business the problem in sale, the brand value that develops business through promotion and product are add value, while for development business brings bigger increase, reflect oneself professional value, get deserved accrual. Come on this meaning say, the agent is the person that development business manages the final implementation of the target, also be a help at the same time increase of development business implementation is the biggest the key that change. Both sides is an interest community, is not simple " Party A Party B " relation. Since such, should be the share person of interest of a pair of markets originally, how can often come out inside the industry again this kind of episode that develops business and agential interest dispute, did this incident arrive even the interest of buy consumer at irrespective degree?

This one phenomenon reflected the one side that at present industry of our country real-estate still puts in non-standard, undesirable sex truely, at the same time deep administrative levels also makes clear show level the social ethics law that sincere letter should abide by self-consciously as a kind is in between the enterprise be short of a kind of status that lose.

Regard a second line as the city, breathe out the real-estate industry of city is opposite at developing appear for the city more immature and non-standard. Below the market environment that just begins vivid capriole to come in estate market, consumer has the huge demand that buy a house on one hand, the acknowledge that lacks pair of products relatively again on the other hand and discern ability, this causes market supply and demand two flourishing, without giving thought to,as if the character of the building how, want a house to be developed only not anxious sale. Because mastering real-estate industry two great decisive natural resources -- land and capital, of course became development dealer the oldest hero of project success or failure. Under photograph comparing, acting company just is offerring his professional knowledge and sale experience, plant in this with " the product is oriented " below the market structure that competes not completely, what the representative acts actually all right is the role that perfect.
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