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Be apt to because sale: "Oppose domestic force " brand of female outfit of achie

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Before a lot of companies are tired of to item of its market sale in the masses, had been tired of oneself market sale item. And Liz Claiborne(Lishi imposes state) different however, its be apt to because sale (Cause-related Marketing)(notes 1) project since establish, from 1991 2002, unremitting ground is perfected ceaselessly and update every year. Liz Claiborne is in prevent and object domestic force respect loading had leader place, and the item of sex of a mark that this item that involves domestic force also became a company, the sale group of Liz Claiborne maintains the new move of this one project through rolling out new point of view and new originality every year, in maintain the premise with project core target and changeless theme to fall to expand ceaselessly its connotation and limits.

The Liz Claiborne that held water 1976 is the company of the production that a headquarters is located in American new York and sale dress, baldric and perfume product. This company is had and managing a few different dress brands, arrive from traditional and classical style popular style, in order to fit all sorts of different requirement that consume a group, be like: Liz Claiborne, Bora Bora, ENYCE, DKNY. Its product is passed spread all over 30 at the world, 000 many brand shop and retail orgnaization are sold.

Since since developing a series of this items that involve domestic force and activity, in time of 10 years, liz Claiborne is by continuously highly praise " a rich originality, industry leader that has social sense of responsibility " .

A few elements make this project extraordinary. Above all, liz Claiborne chose is not particularly modern and not maneuverable topic, such ability make Liz Claiborne company alone " have " this one topic. The 2nd, this company is in next in more than 10 years of time, develop all sorts of projects continually around this one theme.

The sword points to cause client group

1991, lishi of Liz Claiborne(of brand of distinguished woman fashionable dress adds the whole world that headquarters is located in the United States state) because of,plan development gives a kind sale (Cause-related Marketing) project. At that time, be apt to because of sale means of this kind of sale still is in primary level, most be apt to because the no more than of mode of operation of sale item is: When consumer is buying some goods, every cost one dollar to contribute an among them a few cent to give a charitable organization. But, liz Claiborne thinks further, because consider to show, consumer is being done when buying an option, more and more the reputation that considers a company, consumer respects those attention and enlist the company that solves social problem.

This company hopes to be able to find the problem that women pay close attention to at that time, give project of a sale for jumping-off place development with this, ask it wants already suitable, related to consumer, want to have news sex again. Above all, liz Claiborne invited the United States' famous female artist to produce the public work of art that involves serious woman issue. In Chicago, artist Leah Komaiko headed a project, the children that comes from all sorts of different culture setting wrote about " office worker mother " book. In san Francisco, 6 famous vision artists created a series of commonweal ad about domestic force. Produced the United States from this vitality is provided quite on sale history and a very successful around the kind that opposes domestic force theme to spread out because of sale item.
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