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Sale story: Successful gentleman and unsuccessful gentleman

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Your brains is " thought production factory " , a special business, daily the plant that makes countless minds.

The factory is in charge of by two foreman. We call him successful gentleman, another we call him unsuccessful gentleman. Successful gentleman is in charge of the production of openly thought, unsuccessful gentleman is in charge of producing the negative, idea that demotes oneself.

Successful gentleman and unsuccessful gentleman are very obedient, you want in a way to give them signal only, they take action immediately. If question mark is of the front, successful gentleman can come out to execute an order. Conversely, negative signal, unsuccessful gentleman can come out to finish the job.

Want to understand these two foreman to be affected to yours, you might as well so do: Tell yourself " really hapless today " . Unsuccessful gentleman receives this signal, make those who give a few facts to prove you are to be opposite immediately. He can let you feel too hot today or quantity of cold and cheerless of too cold, business, sell goods decreases, somebody is impatient, you fall ill, your madam mood is bad. Unsuccessful gentleman is very businesslike, be less than time a little while, you feel really hapless today.

If you tell yourself " today is a wedding day " . Successful gentleman receives signal to come out to execute the mission, he tells you " weather is good, happy still today the ground is living, you can drive some of process again. " so, today is a wedding day.

You heal to their signal much, they become have power more. If the job of unsuccessful gentleman increases, also can increase staff, hold cerebral ministry more spaces. He occupied whole idea factory by force finally, can be imagined, the thought that all production come out will be negative.

So the cleverest way is discharge failure gentleman. You do not need him, you also do not think he tells you this by you cannot, that does not do, can fail of what. Since he cannot help you achieve successful goal, flat one foot his spurn.

Gentleman of success of complete put sb in a very important position, no matter in the head that any thoughts enter you, send successful gentleman to execute the mission, he will cite your condition to the success.

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