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Market sale concept and answered plan

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In recent years, international market environment produced the change of world-shaking. Transnational corporation rises abruptly quickly, the government is strengthened increasingly to the administrative interpose of the enterprise, a few large rig groups that win governmental support are in the international market more and more be in control a position, trade protectionism looks up, market competition is intense. Face such international environment, the business that pursues international market sale must from inactive. Suit passively change direction active, active suit, control the change of external environment on certain level, make exterior and original belong to the element that cannot control to be changed to the direction that is helpful for company sale.
The development of market sale concept
Sale concept is direct company begins the manner of management sales compaign, viewpoint and thoughtway. the company that parts a developed country with respect to world ministry, the metabolic cardinal principle of its sale idea experienced production oriented, sale directs and the market directs 3 period, appeared to produce idea, product idea early or late, promote idea of idea, market sale idea and social market sale.
Produce oriented period only then at 19 centuries end, continuance restricts time of 50 years. This period product demands exceeds supply, the market attributes seller's market, the enterprise is passed raise yield, reduce cost to get profit of a huge sum. This period was formed early or late " manufacturing idea " and " product idea " . "Manufacturing idea " think, the enterprise should be a center with production, produce what to sell, how much does production sell, seek yield only tall, need not consider factor of quality of etc of the design and color of the product, style, breed at all. When manufacturing work up, the product is rich with each passing day, consumer chooses the goods with good quality below same price, the sale idea that forces a company produced change, appeared " product idea " . "Product idea " think, the enterprise ought to be a center with the product, raising yield, reduce cost while, still must improve product quality ceaselessly, and the key of business management should be put in latter.
30 time have this century, as the development of productivity, into the person sell oriented period, the enterprise was formed " promote an idea " . "Promote an idea " think, begin conduct propaganda to promote an activity energetically only, ability goes out product sale, achieve the profit goal of the enterprise. This period enterprise is " what do I sell, what does the client buy " , not consumer need, market oneself product by hook and crook to the client. This kind of idea and before two kinds are distinguished without essence, just emphasized promoting.
20 centuries after 50 time, because progress of science and technology promoted the flying development of productivity, the product is general supply exceeds demand, the market transfers completely by seller's market buyer's market, sale idea also is directed by the sale entered the market oriented period, the enterprise was formed " market sale idea " . This kind of idea thinks, the enterprise must be a center with the client, it is jumping-off place in order to satisfy customer demand and desire, through developing integral sale activity, gain profit in the process of contented customer demand. The activity of demand of this kind of contented customer is perforative at market survey, product choice of development, channel, price. Sales promotion and offer all-around in the process of the service, gather client feedback information ceaselessly, improve an enterprise to run strategy. This is great transition of management guiding ideology, make sale concept produced simple change.
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