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Do not have two brushes not to make sale

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If you will graduate from the university tomorrow, want to pursue sale this job, so you had better make clear a thing of Hunan tonight, that is: "Why do you make sale " ? If this is done,not be clear about, so this work is being done when you need to make clear Hunan in you! The ticket in the client that because sale is not to carry a bag on the back to go slouchingly everyday,confronts you and your hand! Doing what sale needs above all is a kind of passion, this kind of passion comes from oneself, send the passion from the heart, is not install, that is to say you are making sale today, after you are one year today, after 10 years if still be in,make sale today, so after 10 years today, is your sale passion mixed same today? This also decides whether you can be accordingly sale this industry is slow-witted go down, go promoting next? If your passion is brief, should not do so, because Ma Yun has said a word: "Brief passion is cheap, permanent passion ability is valuable " ! So if you do not have permanent passion, so I persuade you to change a job to seek progress additionally!

If you can assure to already having permanent, persistent sale intense emotion oneself, so next you need those who use a heart to learn, because of sale concept, the product of the enterprise and sale strategy are met as the market " change every day " , so study is Chongzhongzhi was weighed! Study includes two fields, be practice; The 2 academic knowledge that are book. In the process that carries out in sale, you need to write working summary every day, this is personnel of a sale whether the key that grow, personnel of a lot of sale did 3 years, much is it is after 5 years, still seeking the clerk's job, this showed an issue, it is him did not grow in sale rise, although some people suit to make sale but he is done forever not quite, do not tall. That is to say you are becoming a clerk today, after a year still become a clerk today? After 3 years still become a clerk today? Time grows, this person does not have enterprise, doing not have enterprising person is final loser! Write working summary to be able to help you so very fast grow, summary basically is the place that summary already failed oneself, be like: Why to face a client to was not concluded today? Seek next accounts, be the reason of the product? Be the reason of policy? Or from already does communication ability have a problem? When encountering insoluble problem, give your immediate boss connection, seek a help, if want you to be able to be like every day first such doing, so your affirmation after a year had from already sale train of thought, have to sale from already view! At this moment, should strengthen the study of academic knowledge, because the research that passes staff of a lot of professional fields just is able to sum up a lot of classical academic knowledge, in the process that reads a book in you, sometimes you can become aware already did oneself is very long, a very complex issue, it is a word in the book actually!
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