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How to let a brand take off in terminal

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Since 2005, the sale of look forward to of a lot of lukewarm city shoe runs the word that leaves us to be familiar with, if clear,span, campaign of project of the first brand, China red project, bright project of achievement of beautiful project, vulture jade project, 1000 inn, new culture is waited a moment, these catchword set from strategic height how to make terminal of shoe line of business, in order to establish the market competition ability of disparate arrangement of ideas.

In shoe industry, without giving thought to business volume, one is nodded jointly, it is important to think terminal is such namely -- having the market is more important than owning a plant, controlling retail terminal just is real significance go up have the market! Because of China the consumptive characteristic of each area differs, general shoe look forward to is very difficult will change with current sale policy current and coessential the competition that spend, in sale practice, a lot of people always complain the product is bad to sell, advertisement strength is not strong, the sale policy of the company is not good, the loss that inventory causes is annual all is added, sale expenses also rises in whirlwind etc, actually, terminal often is in the backside of these problems exists with substaintial form, if capture terminal to be bitten closely,do not put, often be those who solve afore-mentioned problems is essential. The author thinks: Terminal is a form that suits mainland of shoe look forward to to turn an operation most, also be the individual character place that releases brand energy. This shows, how terminal develops still was 2006 shoe look forward to cannot evasive main topic.

The performance of condition of shoe estate line of business in access is very much, the commonnest is store of the island in city of brand shop, shoe, shop, bazaar, flagship, straight sell supermarket of inn, brand, name to taste a space to wait, come from management main body character, have self-supporting, join in, the different form such as the affiliation.

Industry often raises this question: Establish channel oneself, advantageous still have disadvantage? This had been discussed by industry and other industry a long time, the case place that its conclusion also is carried out by sale confirms, this repeats this topic in detail no longer. Is an article main from self-supporting how will talk to make terminal of good shoe line of business with the angle that join in? 2006, how to let brand of shoe line of business take off in terminal?

Visit an appearance first: The brand of new fighting spirit that takes course of price of in a popular style blocks the Supreme Being abstruse Buddhist nun shoe line of business, the one gold a sector of an area of its headquarters was neared in Wen Zhou on June 6, 2006, open the first brand shop of countrywide that gave 80 square metre; Ao Kang of brand of line of business of famous in March 2006 shoe is in the 2000th brand shop of countrywide of Fuzhou practice, one is " start " , one is " take off " , look the carrier that terminal already became development of brand of volume of shoe line of business to cannot be ignored.
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