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"False foreign devil " the brand extends pattern have not cannot

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The company of native land clothing of very much now China, name conduct propaganda promotion from the brand, the brand that likes to pack oneself into abroad will run manage, this has made garment industry a kind of common phenomenon, for a short while, costume market is full of too much foreign face.

The phenomenon of this kind of false foreign devil of Chinese dress brand, be had to know personage place to denounce by many sale groups, the practice that thinks this kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit is opportunistic, go against Chinese brand long-term development, go against the dress that establishs our nation brand and shape brand culture. Indeed, this kind of view is very reasonable, but in light of the history that joins Chinese garment industry and current situation, relevant personage feels now dress brand " false foreign devil " flush phenomenon falls very accord with China to show level market characteristic. For the angle from philosophy, keep near at hand reasonable. Of the phenomenon of false foreign devil of Chinese dress brand abound in, have its rationality and inevitability absolutely, accord with market of Chinese dress mainstream to develop the rule.

We go casually nowadays big market rambles, the dress brand that can discover at least half is controlled silvers coin it seems that flavour is very sufficient, but the person of know the business knows commonly, true foreign brand measure agrees to be afraid of won't exceed 1/5 among them. But the occurrence that there can be a brand in big market, at least explains these copy silver coin to the brand produces character to measure a respect at least and do not have what problem, and still suffer market reception, work to must be returned quite very moist.

Because China is most consumer spending ability is very limited still, consumptive psychology is far immature still, to foreign brand consequently meeting generation blind trusts and chase after hold in both hands, add dream spy charming, playboy to wait to still do not calculate in abroad on the foreign brand of top class brand is run in home market however gained huge success, let entrepreneur of a lot of dress see the tremendous business chance of contain of place of foreign brand backside. So, not fathomless also why China is met like a rising wind and scudding clouds appears the card of home made product with so much foreign dye-in-the-wood flavour.

Card of home made product takes the taste that nod ocean, also not be evildoing occasionally. Underwear brand " Mannifen " , " Diane " quite successful, see these names suddenly, consumer can feel this is foreign brand for certain. But visit producing area, ah, it is Guangdong.

Calculate us in card of home made product most of heavyweight " Yageer " , when he starts, consumer just saw this name, also return true a bit foreign flavour. Wave department entered enough cattle, but how does this name look also unlike our China ah; And the name of fir fir is quite homebred, but once poem of case of its subordinate meaning red slave, law, Buddhist still waiting for brand name to be not had however is not foreign flavour dye-in-the-wood. Why to want such? Need because of the market. Chinese common people consumes mentally or some worship foreign things.
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