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Shallow talk about an enterprise sincere fuse manages

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Below the premise of credit economy, sincere letter problem becomes the major problem that company of influence our country can develop continuously. The enterprise undertakes sincere fuse manages only, continuously sincere letter is managed, just can go up in world stage feel just like a fish in water. The article does understanding analyse to the definition of sincere letter and importance, put forward how to ought to have the proposal of sincere fuse manage.

One, introductive
Company credit manages the Chongzhongzhi that is business management to weigh, there is nearly hundred years history in western country, be called by western management group " the administrative measure that can make the enterprise produces immediate beneficial result most " . China is world culture ancient country, have the good convention of sincere letter, but a lot of nowadays home entrepreneur still are not familiar with company credit management, the company number that system, perfect credence governs function is not much. Stride quickly to market economy by traditional planned economy in Chinese economy today, society sincere letter problem gets increasingly the attention of social all circles. Especially enterprise problem of sincere letter ethics, it is the central issue that people fixes more. Compete as a result of intense market or at the moment the temptation of profit of high specified number, a lot of enterprises often adopt some kind to violate the short-term act that manages sincere letter ethics. Society the construction of sincere letter system, it is the postulate that safeguards socioeconomy and industry health to develop, and enterprise immanent mechanism establishs sincere letter ethics really, it is the foundation that makes sure sincere letter runs the company, also be the industry rises, maintain its competitive ability and assure basically what develop continuously. Market economy is credit economy, to the enterprise, the whole process of battalion of already of look forward to wants credit of be particular about. The sincere letter that comes out by credit extend the meaning is the soul that the enterprise manages. Business praise a kind of reliance that is pair of businesses that build in merchandise trade more and recognition. Contrary, of credit be short of break, bring extremely serious consequence possibly however to society, enterprise, individual. Accordingly, in credit economy times, the business cannot leave, ineluctability also " credit " brings occasion for celebration and care. The business should fit the requirement of credit economy age to the enterprise actively, strengthen the management to credit, become passive to be active, let " credit " serve for the enterprise truly.

2, sincere letter definition
Sincere, it is to point to sincerity not bogus, true not bully. Letter, it is to show honesty does not have bully, strictly observe credit, cash promise, practice is become about. Say from common sense, sincere letter is honest not bully, times keep good faith. Push and wide, heart of sincere letter requirement thinks, buccal character, body and mind is consistent, namely words are the voice of the mind, conform to of words and deeds. Sincere letter includes to want abide by record abide by the law should have morality and Ren Yi, want to pay sincerity with sincerity, want conscientious, want honesty and cordial, want credit, want faithfulness. Sincere letter returns the spirit of embedded be practical and realistic. The person does not stand without sincere letter, the home is on bad terms without sincere letter, the country does not have sincere letter flabby. Sincere letter is one kind preachs as a whole, a kind of ideal, orientaton of a kind of value. Cai Yuanpei thinks, faith person, be practical and realistic, not with crooked of relation of terrible life and death its.

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